Funding Goal


Scholarships and Student Support

We see student success stories every day. No single factor helps our hardworking students become successful members of their communities – it requires drive and determination to do what needs to be done. It demands a program of academic excellence that helps students hone critical thinking skills. And, when the financial barriers are high, it takes scholarships paired with student support programs to open the doors to a successful future.

Grit & Determination

USM is ranked as a top college nationally for advancing social mobility, which means this university is the place where dreams of building a successful life get their start. With continued investment in scholarships and student supports, we can continue to create pathways to higher education that are accessible and affordable for all Maine students.


While building a sustainable foundation of financial support for future generations, we are also committed to meeting the essential needs that help students thrive and providing transformative experiences that will further their academic and career aspirations.

Scholarships that decrease student debt and increase access and affordability by growing the resources required to support talented students with the greatest need.

Student Supports help address the pressing financial, academic, and cultural barriers our students face every day, while making exceptional, life-changing experiences available to all. Investments are needed to help:

  • Meet essential needs through programs such as the Student Emergency Fund and the Campus Food Pantries, which help our most financially vulnerable students navigate difficult and unexpected challenges and remain in school
  • Provide exceptional experiences such as fellowship opportunities, research, internships, and other real-world learning experiences that open new horizons