Career & Student Success Center


Funding Goal

A signature part of USM’s new, reimagined Portland campus, this green, energy-efficient center for student and employer engagement will put career readiness and community at the heart of the USM student experience. The Center will create a vibrant gathering place that has facilities for dining, socializing, events, and other activities to benefit our entire community. 

Grit & Community

In every sector––from healthcare to engineering, education to the sciences––Maine’s talent shortage is slowing our economy. USM is uniquely positioned to partner with employers to tackle this challenge. Our students are hungry for opportunity: more than 80% work at least 20 hours per week while pursuing their education. This new facility, located in the economic engine of Maine, will promote student-employer engagement, and help to address Maine’s workforce challenges.


Home to an expanded Career Hub and adjacent to the first-ever residence hall on the Portland campus, the new Career & Student Success Center will be critical to increasing student retention. Pairing career preparation and student success strategies, the Center will improve degree completion rates by creating accessible career goals and pathways, accompanied by meaningful support.

Your gift will help:

  • Increase visibility and community on the USM Portland campus
  • Strengthen USM’s focus on career development and employer engagement
  • Create one of the most sustainable buildings ever constructed at USM
  • Enhance the student experience, strengthening both recruitment and retention